Important Safety Information: Contraindications: CERDELGA is contraindicated in the following patients based on CYP2D6 metabolizer status due to the risk of cardiac arrhythmias from prolongation of the PR, QTc, and/or QRS cardiac intervals: Extensive Metabolizers (EMs) taking a strong or moderate CYP2D6 inhibitor concomitantly with a strong or... View more

Support and Resources

Managing a genetic disease is a lifetime commitment. From diagnosis to treatment, our dedicated team of professionals is available to provide disease education and help address your patients’ needs, including assistance with health insurance issues, all free of charge.


CareConnectPSS, personalized support services for patients, represents Sanofi Genzyme’s more than 35-year commitment to supporting the rare disease community. CareConnectPSS is designed to support each patient’s unique journey.

Our range of support to help patients managing living with a rare disease:

  • Programs and other offerings on a range of disease, treatment, and support topics
  • Dedicated CareConnectPSS Case Managers and Patient Education Liaisons
  • Disease-specific information, including genetic education and other resources
  • Care coordination for treatment
  • Assistance with understanding new or changing insurance as well as resources to help with out-of-pocket costs

For more information, visit us at or call 1‑800‑745‑4447, Option 3.

Access to these and other services is voluntary, and your patients are not obligated to begin treatment if they contact us. You and your patients make all treatment-related decisions, and most importantly the privacy and security of their personal information are always protected.

CareConnectPSS Copay Program
The CareConnectPSS Copay Program* helps eligible, US patients who are prescribed one of Sanofi Genzyme’s treatments pay for eligible, out-of-pocket, drug-related expenses, including copays, coinsurance, and deductibles.
The program is open to individuals who:
  • Have commercial insurance
  • Have prescription drug coverage
  • Are prescribed one of Sanofi Genzyme’s treatments*
  • Are residents of the United States

The program is not valid for prescriptions eligible to be reimbursed, in whole or in part, by Medicaid, Medicare (including Medicare Part D), or other federal or state programs (including any state prescription drug assistance programs).

Patients can download the enrollment form or call 1‑800‑745‑4447, Option 3 to learn more about the program and application process.

*The CareConnectPSS Copay Program is available only in the United States and cannot be combined with any other rebate/coupon, free trial, or similar offer. Copay benefits are not transferable. This program assists patients with their out-of-pocket drug costs for their prescribed Sanofi Genzyme treatment only and does not cover or provide support for the cost of MD office visits/evaluations, nursing services/observation periods, blood work, x-rays or other testing, premedications/other medications, Epipens, transportation or other related services. No claim for reimbursement of any out-of-pocket expense covered by the CareConnectPSS Copay Program may be submitted to any third-party payer, where public or private. Sanofi Genzyme reserves the right to make eligibility decisions, set program maximums, and rescind, revoke, or amend this program without notice.

Free Cerdelga Support Program

The Cerdelga support program has been designed by Sanofi Genzyme to help educate and support your patients taking Cerdelga® (eliglustat). The program covers topics such as:

Establishing a treatment routine, including tips to help take Cerdelga as prescribed

Establishing your patients' treatment routine with Cerdelga, including tips to help them take Cerdelga as prescribed

Regular email updates on topics relating to taking Cerdelga

Regular e-mail updates on topics important to your patients taking Cerdelga, including communicating with their health care team

E-magazines with patient stories and tips from Gaucher disease experts

E-magazines offering tips from Gaucher disease experts and stories from people who are living with Gaucher disease type 1

Text messages with helpful tips and medication reminders

Mobile text messages (SMS) with helpful tips and medication reminders for your patients

Cerdelga Patient Information

Visit the Cerdelga patient website for additional information to help educate your patients and their families about Gaucher disease type 1 and treatment with Cerdelga.

Gaucher Registry

The Gaucher Registry (sponsored by Sanofi Genzyme) is the world’s largest cooperative observational study on Gaucher disease. The International Collaborative Gaucher Group (ICGG) established the registry in 1991 as a longitudinal database tracking outcomes of routine clinical practice. All patients with a confirmed diagnosis of Gaucher disease are eligible for inclusion. By enrolling patients in the registry, participating physicians will receive patient-specific reports to monitor disease status.

Visit the Gaucher Registry to learn more.

Sanofi Genzyme Charitable Access Program

This program was established in the US to provide Sanofi Genzyme’s therapies to eligible individuals who do not have health insurance or have inadequate coverage for treatment. It is considered a temporary solution until long-term coverage can be secured.

The Sanofi Genzyme Charitable Access Program has been established in the United States through the Sanofi Genzyme Charitable Foundation, Inc. The program is committed to providing Cerdelga to individuals who:
  • Medically need Cerdelga and
  • Are uninsured or have inadequate insurance coverage for Cerdelga

Qualified individuals with Gaucher disease type 1 whose physicians have recommended treatment with Cerdelga may be eligible for the Charitable Access Program. If a patient is ineligible for our program, their CareConnectPSS Case Manager will work with the patient and their health care providers to explore alternative coverage options.

To be considered for the program, patients will be asked to provide the following:
  • A Letter of Intent to Treat with Cerdelga from their physician. The letter must be on MD letterhead and the physician must request charitable Cerdelga in the letter and reason why he/she is requesting charitable medication
  • A Statement of Medical Necessity from their physician
  • A completed program application

A CareConnectPSS Case Manager will coordinate with you and your patient to obtain the necessary documentation, including a signed waiver, and keep you updated on the status of your patient’s application. Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis and are kept confidential by the Sanofi Genzyme Charitable Access Program.

Please note that the Sanofi Genzyme Charitable Access Program is considered a temporary program. Patients and their families are expected to continue exploring alternative resources with the assistance of a CareConnectPSS Case Manager. These may include:
  • Private insurance
  • Government programs

To learn more about the Sanofi Genzyme Charitable Access Program or to request an application form, call 1‑800‑745‑4447, Option 3.

The Sanofi Genzyme Charitable Access Program may be discontinued at any time at the discretion of the Charitable Access Program Committee.

Billing and reimbursement

Treatment with Cerdelga is a covered benefit under most major insurance plans, as well as the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Before a patient begins treatment with Cerdelga, it may be necessary for the treating physician to obtain written confirmation of coverage for treatment from the patient’s insurance plan.

These downloadable templates can be customized to meet a patient’s specific requirements.

Please contact a CareConnectPSS Case Manager for assistance with the reimbursement process at 1‑800‑745‑4447, Option 3.


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