Important Safety Information: Certain patients should not use CERDELGA based on their CYP2D6 metabolizer status due to an increased risk of side effects, including heart problems. Do not use CERDELGA if you are an Extensive Metabolizer (EM) taking a medicine that is a strong or moderate CYP2D6 inhibitor along with another medicine that is a strong or... View more

Is Cerdelga Right for You?

Cerdelga is the ONLY first-line oral therapy indicated for the long-term
treatment of most adults with Gaucher disease type 1.

Tamara and Nate, USA,
patients with Gaucher disease type 1 treated with Cerdelga

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Talk to your doctor about starting Cerdelga

Cerdelga can be prescribed to most adult patients with Gaucher disease type 1—whether they are new to treatment or are switching from enzyme replacement therapy (ERT). If you are switching from an ERT to Cerdelga, you may be able to begin taking Cerdelga within 24 hours after your last infusion.

Cerdelga is a noninvasive, oral, prescription therapy that comes in a capsule. It can be taken once or twice daily depending on how your body metabolizes the drug. This is described as your CYP2D6-metabolizer status. Certain medications may interact with Cerdelga, and it is important for you to have a conversation with your doctor about those medications before starting Cerdelga.

Shauna’s Story

Hear from a real Cerdelga patient as Shauna talks about her own journey—from struggling with getting the correct diagnosis to starting treatment and then switching from an ERT to Cerdelga.

Cerdelga® (eliglustat) capsule
Talk to your doctor about starting Cerdelga.